Kathleen Gibbons Schuck

Owner and Founder of With You in Joy

As an Inter-Spiritual Minister, Coach and Storyteller, I am most at home creating safe space to engage in growth-provoking conversation and collaborating with people to design ceremonies that reflect their values and traditions.


I love to connect with people, build community and travel internationally.

I have always been intrigued by cultural norms and belief systems. I study Sociology, Life Coaching, and Theology and immerse myself in observing people and behavior. My career spans corporate telecommunications, faith-based organizations and entrepreneurial companies.

The traumas I’ve lived through, the people who have challenged me, the unexpected gifts I’ve unwrapped, and the gratitude that erupts from the core of my being all shape who I choose to show up as today.

I celebrate the freedom to be myself and am grateful for the spiritual practices that sustain me on my journey. I live authentically and embrace an inclusive, egalitarian worldview that welcomes all. I invite you to experience this presence by engaging with me as an Officiant, Coach and/or Storyteller.


  • Sociology, Rosemont College
  • Theology, Global Ministries University
  • Coaching, Newfield Ontological Coach Training Program
  • Newfield Certified Coach
  • Ordained Universal Brotherhood Movement Inter-Spiritual Minister
  • Ordained Roman Catholic Womanpriest
  • Commissioned Member, Federation of Christian Ministries