Half Empty? Half Full?

Half Empty? Half Full?

How do you look at the world?

Yesterday I was downloading video into i-Movie when the onscreen message said there’s not enough space left to store the file.

“Really?” I thought. I checked the capacity and discovered more than half the space on my hard drive was movie files. Yikes! I had less than 1 GB free.

“There must be a way to reorganize, clean up, and realize more space,” I reasoned.

…and then it struck me…my desire to “find more space” IS how I interact with the world.

Implicit is the underlying belief “I’m not good enough.”

“How can that be?” I wondered. “I’ve been wrestling the scarcity gremlin for years.”

“I’ve invested in my personal growth. I partner with a coach… and although most of the time I see the glass as half full, the rest of the time I’m looking to supersize the glass so it can hold more.”

These days I see the pattern everywhere. That’s one sign that it really is time to move out of my comfort zone and change habits, rather than just moving stuff around.