Who Called the COP*?

Who Called the COP?

My nephew is a policeman. He is not the COP I’m asking about.

For purposes of this post, COP translates as Coach, Officiant, and Priest.

Three examples of ordinary people Who Called the COP:

  • Lori did. She’s in her fifties, lives in Virginia, and retired after a successful career in corporate sales and marketing. Since starting a consulting business, Lori partners with a coach to dive deep, integrate her natural strengths, and ensure each step moves her toward her vision.
  • Claire and Jake did. They are in their twenties, met while in university, and spent a year in Africa at a sustainable development project. They live in Manhattan. Were planning a wedding in Florida. Desired their marriage ceremony to integrate the traditions that shaped them (Quaker, Catholic, Jewish, Presbyterian) and reflect who they are as individuals and a couple. Turned out to be amazing!
  • Jessica did. She’s a reporter who covers Montgomery County for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Wanted a priest’s perspective on Pope Francis’ recent announcement about absolving women who confess to having abortions. Click here for the story. http://articles.philly.com/2015-09-04/news/66182796_1_pope-francis-forgiveness-catholics.

Consider calling With You in Joy next time you want to connect with a Coach, Officiant, or Priest.