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  • Inspirational, humorous, storyteller gifted at concretizing life lessons through metaphors
  • Available for workshops, retreats, annual meetings, and keynotes
  • Mixes wisdom with compassion, which generates an engaging presence
  • Favorite topics include:
    • Guideposts for Wholehearted Living
    • From Black and White to Color
    • Use What You Have to Get What You Need
    • The Differences Make It Fun
    • You Can’t Know if You Don’t Go
    • Unwrap the Gift You Are
    • Use Your Inside Voice

Here’s My Story…

As a child, I loved listening to stories. The last line was always, “and they lived happily ever after.”  Perhaps that is why that is what I expected to do. Yet, when the reality of life intervened, it did not feel to me like I was living “happily ever after.”


We all experience traumas. A couple of the traumas I experienced between the ages of 15 and 25 were:

  • Catching a baseball in my mouth;
  • Relocating from New Jersey to Illinois after my sophomore year of high school;
  • My younger sister being diagnosed with a brain tumor; and
  • My sister dying.

Anger and judgment oozed out of me.  I wrestled and reached the conclusion life was unfair. I had not learned skills to deal with being powerless.

I developed strategies to protect myself, to numb my pain.  I suppressed my anger, and permitted it to leak out as resistance. I shut down emotionally. I functioned – held a good job, had friends, was involved at church and active in the community.

Then, twenty plus years later, in a hot, humid chapel in a beach community that overlooks the Atlantic in West Africa, surrounded by hundreds of Africans dancing, I released the energy I had long suppressed. My eyes stung as the tears surfaced, mixing with sweat as they dripped down my face. It felt as if I had let go of an anchor I had carried with me for more than two decades. The grace of love heals us. Sometimes it happens when and where we least expect it.

We all have moments. They are vivid, visual, breathtaking, and often move us to new thresholds of awareness.

It took me five decades to begin to integrate the stories of my life, to see the deeper truth that we are all connected, to breakdown the silos I had so carefully erected to ensure separation between the distinct domains I defined my life around (family, work, church, friends), and to discover that we are all the same even though our experiences are different.