Love Your Scars

Love Your Scars

Really? Love your scars? It took years to overcome my own resistance and begin to see the depth of my scars. In my experience, we need to “see” before we are able to “love” our scars. 

Let me begin by saying, “It’s way easier to ignore your scars.” At least that’s how it feels to those of us more comfortable denying rather than acknowledging our feelings. Sometimes something happens that offers you insight and allows you to “see” you possess the courage to look at your scars.

Whether it was that mole removed in eighth grade, dental surgery after you caught that baseball in your mouth, an abdominal scar or a severe burn, as we age, if we’re lucky, we come to realize we heal from the inside out. Those of us who are honest know the process can be excruciatingly painful…and so worth it…

Scar tissue replaces normal skin tissue after our skin is damaged by a cut, burn, or skin infection. It’s as good a metaphor as any. When you’re ready to “face” your scars, you may choose to partner with someone trained to navigate this “inside out” growth terrain. Contact me when you are ready to enter into dialogue and begin seeing in a dramatically different way.

You’ll be amazed at what you are capable of!



Warning: The demolition of this structure is imminent

What My Appendix Disintegrating Taught Me About Institutionalized Religion

I heard the surgeon said, “When we opened you up, your appendix was disintegrating!” Learn what my appendix disintegrating taught me about institutionalized religion.

I had not planned on spending the final five days of 2015 in a hospital following emergency surgery. Certainly had not anticipated the abscesses that resulted from the disintegration.

I’m grateful! Sure, the process slowed me down, introduced me to some cool people, offered me lots of opportunity to ask for help, and allowed me time to reframe what I want to commit to in 2016. Expect to see weekly blog entries throughout 2016.

I drove by this sign a few weeks ago. It occurs to me the message applies equally to my appendix as well as the building targeted for demolition. The “Warning” of imminent demolition may also apply to some existing structures of institutionalized religion. Like the pain on one’s right side before one’s appendix disintegrates, many of us ignore religious structures and practices we were introduced to as children. We’ve outgrown them. They no longer fit.

I invite you to explore what’s below the surface. Give yourself permission to explore your inner depths. The good news is our wounds, even deep ones, heal in the presence of wisdom and care. Sometimes it takes antibiotics!

Half Empty? Half Full?

Half Empty? Half Full?

How do you look at the world?

Yesterday I was downloading video into i-Movie when the onscreen message said there’s not enough space left to store the file.

“Really?” I thought. I checked the capacity and discovered more than half the space on my hard drive was movie files. Yikes! I had less than 1 GB free.

“There must be a way to reorganize, clean up, and realize more space,” I reasoned.

…and then it struck me…my desire to “find more space” IS how I interact with the world.

Implicit is the underlying belief “I’m not good enough.”

“How can that be?” I wondered. “I’ve been wrestling the scarcity gremlin for years.”

“I’ve invested in my personal growth. I partner with a coach… and although most of the time I see the glass as half full, the rest of the time I’m looking to supersize the glass so it can hold more.”

These days I see the pattern everywhere. That’s one sign that it really is time to move out of my comfort zone and change habits, rather than just moving stuff around.



It’s a game that engages and entertains babies and teaches them about their world.

Played all over the world, Peek-A-Boo bridges language and cultural barriers.

We play it as children.

We play it as adults…with children eight months and older.

One player hides his or her face, pops back into view of the other, and says, “Peek-A-Boo! I see you!”

It’s a natural impulse to smile with delight when a baby sees you and starts laughing with you.

At its roots, Peek-A-Boo honors a universal truth, that each of us yearns to be seen and recognized.

The process of “being coached” as a adult is a lot like playing Peek-A-Boo as a child.

It’s energizing, transformational, and deeply profound to be seen, heard and recognized.

…and just like with playing Peek-A-Boo, once you experience the joy, you want to repeat it again and again.