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“It’s Like Being Punched in the Stomach”

Photo by author

Photo by author “Pall Bearers”

Click on “An Incredible Legacy” to watch “It’s Like Being Punched in the Stomach” An Incredible Legacy

Standing in the kitchen, I heard Paul say, “Even though you know it’s coming, it’s like being punched in the stomach.”

Paul’s Mom had died three days before on Valentine’s Day. This video excerpt from my homily Sunday highlights the incredible legacy of Paul’s Mom’s love!

Walking down the center aisle at the viewing stood the fourteen adult children in age order from youngest to oldest. A powerful statement in itself!

What a tribute to the woman who loved and cared for: Mary Margaret, Philip Bernard, Gregory Lewis, Thomas Albert, Teresa Anne, Monica Frances, Clare Jeanne, Agnes Bernadette, Mark Joseph, Christopher Ignatius, Paul Martin de Porres, Gerard Matthias, Peter Damien, and Brendan Patrick!  …and their children… and all children…

What an incredible legacy of love!

Deep gratitude to Paul’s Mom who inspires all of us.